Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White/Gold Angel Challenge

I had this idea to do a Marie Antoinette type of doll. When I made the head I added the additional top for the hair. I originally picture her with the white hair wearing blue, but about the same time, we had a challenge for the book store window and it was an angel any color white with gold. So I decided to go with off white and gold so she ended up with red hair. I really like the hair. It is red wool that I needle felted into the head. The curls at the top are the long strands that I wet and wraped around a small straw thing. The big curls at the bottom are just wool that I wraped around a larger straw. I used an old sweater for the wings and sewed on lace flowers that matched the lace on the dress and added beads. I still may do a Marie Antoinette with the white hair and a blue dress.

The star is a Cimabue picture that I alter the colors and then beaded around the edges. She was
Sold at the WCS show in 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Tree Topper

This Santa was created to try a new technique. The face is actually a picture of my husband that I alter so it was just the basic line then I added color to the eyes and other features.
The base was created from a photograph that I change into a applique pattern. The original picture was really cute.
He was sold at the WCS 2010. The lady who bought it did not like the base so it ended up being cover in plain green.

close up of design before I covered it in green.

First Angel

I don't think this is the first Christmas tree top angel that I created but it is the first one that I have a copy of. I actually created this for the B street bookstore window. The head was made orginal for the woman who lived in the shoe doll. I didn't like it but liked her face so took of the head and created this Christmas tree angel. She was sold at the 2010 WCS.