Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is a doll that was inspired by Gustav Klimt's "Salome" Judith 2. the base of the doll is all hand sewn with embroidary all done. The back has Salome story.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bett's postcard

I was thinking of John Singer Sargent when I did this postcard. The Picture on the postcard part is of Notre Dame from the river. I really liked the material I used for this card and the colors.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Post cards

These fabric postcards were fun to make although was unable to mail because I got super carried away with the embellishments.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Abstract Angel

I did the beaded face for this angel about 9-10 years ago in a class by Anne Hesse. I really enjoyed the free beading process and really liked the face. I wanted to do something abstract with the face so I originally started an abstract type figure. My dog got to it when she was a puppy and ripped the body. I took the face off and there it sat.

Then I was getting ready dolls ready for the Women's Craft Show in San Francisco, I came across the face. I thought this would make a really cool and different Christmas tree Angel topper.

The head and neck and arms are made from black nylon tights material the dress is a black velvet. The wings are actually cloth napkins I wrapped around wires and beaded. I didn't take a picture of the back but I really like her butt. Let just say from behind you can see she is definitely full figured.


I actually made my daughter Britney a Christmas tree topper that is a Raggedy Ann type. I don't know why but I did not take any pictures of it before I gave it to her. I have actually made 2 like that. I auctioned the other one off.

I was inspired to do this one from a picture of a girl with red hair and freckles. Her hair is just yarn that I had sewn into her head. I really like the country look and so I appliqued a country angel with a manger to her jumper. I never got to see her on top of a Christmas tree but I think she will look great.

I love her face and her freckles. I did her coloring with dry pastels and painted the freckles on with acrylic paint. Her eyes are painted as well and then covered with clear nail polish to give a super glossy look.

Petrus Chritus Angel

I am not sure when I completed this angel. I just really like the face. This is a portrait from Petrus Chritus. I altered the colors and printed it on cloth. Her base has a kind of crazy quilt clothing with a mixture of cotton fabric lace and burlap. The wings I bought in the floral section of Richard's Art & Craft Store.

The base is wooden with stick nailed to the sides to create a skirt. The picture in the base is "Decent from the cross" Hans Memlings. I also altered the colors on this picture. I also added some glitter glue to the picture so there is some sparkle in the light.


I really like Frieda Kahlo and wanted to do her as a Christmas tree topper. I am sad that I did not get a picture of her wings. I put her with a group display with the Flying Phoebe's for the Art of Doll show at the Petaluma Art Center. That was a GREAT show. Anyway the wings was a Frieda Kahlo self portrait that I alter so that it was all in greens and printed on cloth put some batting between the two sides and then free stitched the top with burgundy and green thread. I did not take a picture of the back and she sold at the Petaluma show 2010.

I really like the hair on this one also. I used crochet thread which I but into the head little by little with a needle and then braided it. I found these little flower for her hair. All in all I was pleased with how she came out.